Monday, December 7, 2009

Attempting the Impossible

Though this would also be a great title of a blog chronicling my attempts to diet over the holidays, it is in fact the title of the talk we'll be studying this week. "Attempting the Impossible" is Elder Jorge F. Zeballos' thoughts on how the imposible, personal perfection and exaltation, is made posseble by the infinite atonement of Jesus Christ. As you contemplate your comments, keep in mind that part of the beauty of this little blog is gleaning from your sisters' thoughts. Its not the same without your testimony!


  1. I'm first! (Do I get a prize?) Just kidding...
    I've already studied this talk, so I have a head start.
    Sometimes, 'endure to the end' seems so hard and takes so long to do. This talk reminded me that it's achieved one day at a time. "God will not require more than the best we can give because that would not be just, but neither can He accept less than that because that would not be just either. Therefore, let us always give the best we can in the service of God and our fellowmen. Let us serve in our families and in our callings in the Church in the best manner possible. Let us do the best we can and each day be a little better".
    Now, I can try that - just be a little bit better each day. Elder Zeballos reminds us that it starts on the Sabbath day: to renew our covenants and commitments and ask the Lord's help in making every day a little bit better.
    And even though we know that we can not achieve perfection on our own, we are NOT alone! We have the Savior's example and our Heavenly Father's help and guidance every step of the way. They know it will be a struggle for us, and they are ready to uplift and streghten us. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

  2. Nancy, you stole my quote!

    "God will not require more than the best we can give because that would not be just, but neither can He accept less than that because that would not be just either."

    This just reminded me of an experience I had in high school. I slaved over a paper for biology and I thought it was really good and I got a B+ or something. I overheard another kid in the class got an A, and I knew he didn't work as hard on it. I went to the teacher and talked to him about it. He said that the kid had been doing poorly all year and the fact that he actually handed something in that was halfway decent deserved an A, whereas I was capable of more and should have done better. The Lord knows what we are capable of--there's no fooling Him. We have to try our best because He'll know if we didn't. It's a tall order, but at least we know He loves us and He's rooting for us! I'm glad to know I'm on the winning team, as long as I'm trying.

  3. SO im appologizin now cuz i know things are spelt wrond and unpunctuated and ect. so SORRY!
    This talk reminds me of the scripture that says something like heavenly father won't give us trials that we can't handle. we need to remember that in our hardest times when satan wants us to give up and stop trying that once we've took that leap of faith and reliezed as we are falling that heavenly father is holding his hand out and all we haft to do reach for him and he will ketch us and put us back on the path then we will be ok...
    I like the part that says "Therefore, let us always give the best we can in the service of God and our fellow men." so we can't just look out for ourselves and think well as long as im trying im gonna make it. We haft to look out for each other and when someone is down we need to serve the lord with all or might, mind, and strenght we need to not be afriad to be his full time emissaries. we need to share our testimonies even if we are like emotional recks during them (yes i know from experience about the emotional reck). We can make it back to our father if we have honestly put our hearts into living rightously and firm to our standards.

  4. This is the 3rd try to post a comment. I am really computer illiterate!?! Emily as I always say never, never, give up. In reference to the blog, I love your comments and I always read them they inspire me. I am just not very good at voicing my thoughts. I love and appreciate your efforts. I am a fan!! (I hope that you haven't got all my other comments, it would be a little repetious.) We all have to keep trying to do our best and as I said never, never give up.

  5. Emily I am having such a hard time even getting into facebook so I am a l-i-tt-l-e behind . like the others have said do not be scared and stand for the truth and righteousness. You can't ever faith if we keep following the prophets..Good Job Em. hugs pammiejo briggs

  6. I think that it is wonderful that the Lord encourages and expects the best from us, but is patient with our progress, even when we become discouraged with ourselves. I love that we get (lots!) of second chances. I heard a quote the other day that goes something like, "Oh, God of second chances, here I am again." The quote from the talk that gave me the most hope is from Pres. McKay, "the rich rewards come only to the strenuous strugglers." When I keep trying to do my best, even when I fall short, I can rely on the Atonement to make up the difference, and I can realistically expect to be richly rewarded with all that the Father hath. It's humbling, and exciting.


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