Monday, November 16, 2009

That Your Burdens May be Light

"Are you ever burdened with a load of care? Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?" It wouldn't be a good hymn if it didn't speak to all of us, would it? This week's talk comes from Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy. I hope we can all find a little something to make the load a little less heavy to bear.


  1. I found it interesting that we cause many of out problems, simply by our own mistakes, giving in to the natural man. We have the capacity of lessening our burdens by choosing to do better, by committing to hold tighter to the iron rod, we can lessen what we do to ourselves. It doesn't take away what others can do to us, but we don't have to shoot our own foot. He said that bondage of our sins are among the heaviest of the all the burdens we bear. Isn't that so true. I find it harder to allow the Lord to deliver me because I feel that I deserve it. I don't deserve deliverance because I did this to myself. But a merciful Savior does offer me deliverance even in my own stupidity.
    I loved the reminder that there isn't a single burden that the Lord can't deliver you from, that he can't lighten. I need that reminder often. I need to be patient, knowing that because I am a child of a Heavenly King, I will be delivered if faithful, in His time, not mine. But I will be delivered. Often in times of need all you need to know is that help is coming. That gives you strength to endure.

  2. Sometimes, people can have the impression that having everything going great in life is a 'blessing', and having problems, or 'burdens', means that we're doing something wrong. This talk was an important reminder that the Lord challenges us to help us grow. Favorite quote: "Burdens provide opportunites to practice virtues that contribute to eternal perfection."
    When you consider the trials that all the prophets have had, you can see the principle at work. These men have had major burdens, espcially physical, and yet look at what wonderfully spiritual individuals became. The challenge we have as individuals is to use these burdens to grow, not to make us bitter.


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