Monday, November 2, 2009

Week 4: Seeking to Know God, Our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ

It's time to get back to the Apostles, sisters! We haven't read an apostle since week one--I figure if we do two a month, we should get through all of them by April. This week we'll read Elder Robert D. Hales' talk, "Seeking to Know God, Our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ." Elder Hales speaks simply but compellingly of our need to really know and build a relationship with both our Father and His Son. He seems to echo the concerns of Elder Oaks, fearing that a new and stronger spirit of secularism is penetrating our culture, and that this spirit threatens our religious freedom and, in conjunction, our freedom of speech. Remember sisters, these men are watchmen on the tower--they see danger coming from far off. We can be prepared for the enemy by heeding their words.
Have a good week!


  1. When we consider all the other powerful forces flowing through the world, is there anything we can do that is more effective in protecting ourselves and our families than coming to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and opening our hearts to their love and guidance? This knowledge of who we really are and how precious we are to them can and should bring immeasurable peace and strength. I know coming to know for myself that Christ lived and that He loves me changed my life. It has protected me from despair and depression, from sin and from worry, and it will ultimately save me from myself. I'm so grateful for the special witness of an apostle, and for his insight in how to build a stronger relationship with diety!

  2. Loved this conference talk.
    There came a time when I really had to ask myself "Do I really believe in God?". It is good to ask questions, study them, and find answers. I have come to know with all my heart and mind that God is real! He created a plan for us and has provided away for that plan to be fulfilled with joy and happiness.
    I love how Elder Hales shares scriptures of how we can come to know our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. What an amazing thing to come to understand and to gain a testimony of. If you have not found out for yourself yet. Read this talk ponder it and pray about it. Find out for yourself, It will lighten the spirit bring a happiness that will carry you through trials and hard times. It is okay to ask questions!
    Jesus Christ is our advocate with the father. following the Holy Ghost's prompting and the Savior's example and we will have peace even when the world around us does not!

  3. I love hearing the apostles speak! Their calling is to stand as witnesses of Jesus Christ, and they seem to get right to the heart of things.
    I love how Elder Hales describes the nature of Jesus and Heavenly Father, and gives references to guide us through. It almost seemed like a gentle reply to those who claim that we (LDS) are not 'Christians' because we don't subscribe to their view of the Father and the Son. But Elder Hales then gives us the gentle reminder of the 11th Article of Faith, that we all have the agency of choice.
    The knowledge that God lives, that He loves us is available to everyone. The call to search the scriptures with 'softened hearts' and let the Spirit answer our questions will lead us to peace beyond comprehension, and will truly bless us forever.
    Thank you, Em! I was really happy to get back to the apostles!

  4. The biggest thing I got out of this talk this week was how sincere Elder Hales was in asking Do you really know that God lives! It was a great reminder for me that Yes I do know he lives and that he loves me and i need to work on that relationship a little harder. I also liked how you used scripture references to show how we can "know" them better. I felt like his talk was just one huge testimony as to the relationship that Elder Hales has with the Savior and Heavenly father and it left me wanting to have that same relationship!


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