Monday, February 22, 2010

Love and Law

I remember as a little girl saying to myself, "When I'm grown and have kids I'll never do (insert something my mother did to make me mad)." A lot of the time I was mad about punnishment or a restriction of freedoms.

  • You can't eat all your Halloween candy before midnight October 31.
  • Ice cream is not a breakfast food.
  • You have to do your chores before you can play.
  • You may not watch Johnny Carson--go to bed.

When I was less mature (even less than I am now!) I believed that love was more important than law. If love was strong enough, there should be less law, not more. Punnishment seemed a personal rejection, not a loving correction. Elder Oaks talks about the relationship between love and law in his talk, (apprpriately titled) "Love and Law." He teaches us how our Father in Heaven shows his love for us by giving us law, and then encourages us to parent in the law following the greatest Parent's example.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts this week, sisters!

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  1. I love this talk. I have actually heard my brother say that our mother was forcing her beliefs upon him by not allowing him and his live-in to sleep in the same room when they came to visit. I know he's not the only person who doesn't understand the reltionship between Love and Law. I'm so glad you chose this talk. It is a wonderful reminder of how much Heavenly Father loves us and how He shows us that love through law.


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