Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Perfect Example

Sorry I'm a day late, sisters. My Internet wouldn't work yesterday! But, better late than never!

It sometimes seems that Christ's injunction to "be perfect" (3 Ne 12:48) is a little to much to ask. Even Nephi lamented that he to often succumbed to "the sins which do so easily beset me." (2 Ne 4:18) As Latter-Day Saints, we expect a lot of ourselves, because we know the Savior expects a lot of us. The good news is, it is possible to attain perfection. There is a commandment to seek perfection, and as Nephi also knew, the Lord provides a way. Through the Atonement, and by following His example, the Savior gives us the tools we need to become as He is. President Eyring's talk, "Our Perfect Example," teaches us that by following the Savior's example, we can find greater happiness and hope in our lives. I love the reminder that hope and optimism ought to fill the lives of Latter-Day Saints, because we know that no matter what our failings may be today, we can be better tomorrow. I hope that I can follow President Eyring's counsel, and look for opportunities to be more Christlike.

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  1. Thanks for always being there for us Emily. I so agree with the counsel given by President Eyring. Sometimes it sure is easy to give up, but thank heavens for the atonement and the Savior never giving up on us.


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