Monday, January 4, 2010

Be Ready

Today, my dear sisters, we return to the Priesthood session. I know we are bright enough and perceptive enough to apply this talk directed to the brethren to ourselves! President Eyring gives a stirring reminder of how important it is to be prepared in his talk entitled, "Be Prepared." It reminds me of another talk he gave about adversity where he spoke of a man who had lost his job, but was confident that the Lord would bless them and help them provide for themselves. He says tells us that this man had done more than prepare for temporal eventualities by storing food and saving money. He had prepared his heart to be worthy for the Lord's blessings BEFORE he came to his time of great need. This "spiritual self reliance" has been impressed on me frequently in the last year. I hope we can start our new year determined to "prepare every needful thing," and not be caught without oil in our lamps.


  1. What you will need in the dramatic moment will be built in the steady performance of obedient service.

    This is the main thing that stood out to me. TO me it means that if you are obedient and always aware, you will be ready in that dramatic moment. To often I find myself in a rush. Like for my calling. I tend to prepare Saturday night! this is definatly something I need to work on. I'm afraid that I have to little oil in my lamp more often then I would like! Good reminder that we don't know when the Savior is coming. I'd hate to be found with an empty lamp!!

  2. Thsi subject is always good for me to review. I think I am doing good until I stop an take inventory of all aspects in my life. I seem to do real good in one area then I realize I am not doing so good in another area. I always need to be reminded to stop and check all areas in my life.

  3. I really liked this talk, and thought that it applied to me as a person, a mother and a young women advisor. It is sound advice for doing 'better every day to prepare the rising generation'.

    Personally, I liked being reminded to prepare now so I'll be ready when I'm needed to serve. I appreciate being married to a man who tries to live so that he will always be ready to give a blessing, or lend a hand.

    And I liked how Pres. Eyring said that his father's strongest correction was a disapproving and disappointed look!


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